9th March 2011

They visited today.  Asked me strange questions, like “would you be missed, and if so, by who?”. I  figured it would most likely be the energy company, it’s been a long time since I had much contact with anyone including my family, they seemed happy with that.

“Would you be missed, and if so, by whom?”

For as long as I can remember I have collected stories of the disappeared, women who simply vanished one day without any warning.  My mother was always bemused when I would cut these articles out of the newspaper, but I felt some sense of responsibility to these women, to keep them close to me, just as most people simply stepped over them on their way to the football results.  Sometimes there would be a follow up story, a missing person had been dragged from a lake or found in a ditch.  But more often there would be no follow up at all, and the mystery would just hang there, at least it did for me.  The reports I was most fascinated with always had some small detail that made me think perhaps these people disappeared by choice, an apparently insignificant item missing from their room, or something out of character they said to a friend just before they went missing.  I was sure these were not victims, on the contrary they were people in control of their own destinies who simply no longer wanted to be where they were and who they were. Stories not about loss and tragedy, but about escape and rebirth. Isn’t it actually quite an appealing idea to leave everything behind and start again with a blank slate?  Did someone offer them this chance?


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