4th March 2011

I adopted a cat!  Or I suppose with cats it’s always the other way around.  3 days ago I came home from my night shift in the early hours and there she was sitting outside my door, just looking like she was pissed at me for keeping her waiting. I was amazed how easy it was to make the decision to keep her.  A week ago we were one, now we are two.

My sister used to say that to me.  She has returned to my thoughts a lot recently, after years of barely thinking about her at all.  It was a strange feeling when my parents adopted a child, but in a nice way, to have someone I could talk to and confide in. I think she’s the person I talked to the most in my whole life, even though we were only together for the 6 months leading up to Mum and Dad separating.  At the time I wondered if they adopted her to try to bring them closer together, or just to distract me from what was happening between them.  I never saw her again and I don’t really understand why I never tried that hard to find her, or why it seemed so easy to forget, but then I assume she never tried to find me either.  Sometimes things that meant so much at the time mean nothing in the end.  I never felt brave enough to tell her everything, but in time I definitely would have, especially as I suspected they visited her too.  I think it was why we connected.

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