2nd January 2010

One of my neighbours has been listening to the same song over and over since new year’s eve, “dance, dance, dance to the radio”.  I remember this song.

I still have the mix tapes my sister made for me, but listening to them makes me too sad, so when I do feel like hearing music (less and less), I have the beat up Dansette record player that used to belong to my Dad, and some classical LPs I bought at the charity shop for 50p.  My favourite to listen to in the dead of night (3am is perfect) is Quartet for the End of Time by Olivier Messiaen.  In the cover notes it says he wrote it while he was in a German prisoner of war camp for the musicians in the camp to perform.  A message on the back of the sleeve in faded ink: “Love you until the end of time, P xxxx”. I wonder if it was time or love that ended first for them.


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