28th March 2013

I found this on-line today.

Lena Springer disappeared in 1876. Despite an intense search by police, she was never found. Her family always held out hope that the quiet but kindly girl would return. They waited years, eventually dying one-by-one still with the hope that their beloved Lena might come back.

Long after all her living relatives had died, Lena Springer returned in the most extraordinary fashion. She suddenly materialised in August 1954 in the middle of a busy street in downtown Vienna, 78 years after vanishing without a trace. Seconds after appearing in the midst of heavy traffic she was struck down and killed by a bus.

The bus driver who struck and killed the odd pedestrian testified that the woman seemed bewildered and confused. The driver swore the woman literally appeared with no warning right in front of him. Although the deceased dressed immaculately and her clothes looked new, the police investigation confirmed the mystery woman lying dead on the street wore clothing almost a century out of date. Police found coins long out of general circulation, some still retaining mint lustre, in the woman’s purse, along with banknotes dating from the 1870’s.  Also about her person were letters on crisp paper and with handwriting unfaded by age. The letters were dated 1880 and addressed to Fräulein Lena Springer.

Officers went to the address on the letters and found an elderly man living there, who identified himself as Herr Elkan Springer. During a lengthy interview with Herr Springer, he told investigators that his aunt Lena has disappeared during her daily walk 78 years before. At the time he was only 3 years old. Reports were made by the family and an investigation was undertaken by authorities, but no trace of his missing aunt ever surfaced. The year was 1876. Lena Springer was 28.

Herr Springer was able to produce an old family photograph of his mother with his aunt Lena. It was the exact likeness of the woman killed on the busy Vienna street.

Lena Springer died 104 years after her birth, at the age of 28.

The visitors told me no one ever comes back, but what about Lena Springer I ask them?

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