10th March 2011

After I finished painting tonight I couldn’t sleep, so I sat looking out the window. It was a cold but perfectly clear night. Sometimes I just gaze for hours at the cityscape stretching on forever in all directions, but tonight a couple arguing at the bus stop broke my reverie, so instead I watched some TV and had a drink, then managed to fall asleep for an hour or so.  I woke up a few minutes ago. It’s beginning to get light outside.

I remembered what they asked me the night before, and I thought about the dog the Russians sent into space in the fifties, Laika.  They found her living as a stray on the streets of Moscow and figured no one would miss her.  She was always meant to die, there was no other possible outcome.

I’m going to call my cat Laika, I think she likes it, she was asleep on the sofa, but when I said it out loud she opened her eyes.


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