10th January 2009

Neither of my parents really had any idea what made their daughter tick.  I never once saw either of them read for pleasure, but I spent all my spare time devouring books and music. My father had a portable record player but only 2 records that I remember (a Sibelius symphony and a record of kitschy Christmas songs), so he let me have the player in my room, and over time I bought a few records, mostly when I just liked the cover or title. My favourite find was a record called Sunset Wading.  I had no idea what it was, but I bought it because it was on sale, and I figured no one else would buy it if I didn’t.  Plus I loved the cover of a man in silhouette paddling in the water at twilight. It looked like the kind of place I wanted to be.  I drew and painted while listening to it over and over.

I do love my parents and my brother, but the only thing we really share is DNA.


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